Gitane Demone – Lullaby for a troubled man

Don’t you cry.
Somebody wants you.
Don’t you cry.
Somebody needs you.
Don’t you cry.
I’ll sing you a lullaby. x2
Why don’t they listen?
What? Oh what am I missing?
While you are in this world I’m by your side.
I’m on your side.
Try, it seems like never.
Try, it seems like forever
I know what to do.
When you feel so down and blue.
I’ll be the one who’s watching out for you. x2
I’ll sing you a lullaby.
For my troubled man.
Oh don’t you worry, baby.
Don’t you cry.
I’ll sing you a lullaby.
Such a troubled man.
Hush don’t you worry, baby.
My troubled man. x2


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